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Settlement Services
Embrace a seamless blend and settlement into the vibrant Australian community

At F4MG, we understand the importance of seamless integration into the Australian community for new migrants. Our settlement services are designed to facilitate your participation in the Australian economy and society quickly and comprehensively.

As the Australian population becomes increasingly diverse, we have upgraded our settlement programs to align with global policy frameworks, moving from assimilation to integration and multiculturalism.

Our settlement services are funded and supported by various Commonwealth and State agencies. They encompass a wide range of activities and structures, including ethnic radio and television stations, funding for ethnic schools, anti-discrimination courts, advisory committees, and interfaith language education.

Through initiatives like Living in Harmony, Harmony Day, Access and Equity Strategy, and Diversity Program, we aim to ensure that your settlement journey in Australia is smooth and successful. Embrace the rich multiculturalism of Australia with F4MG’s settlement services.