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Types of Visas
Tourist Visa
600 (Visitor) Visa

Embark on a Remarkable Tourist Adventure and Discover Life Down Under with a Temporary Visitor Visa

If you’re an immediate family member of an Australian citizen or permanent resident (excluding business or medical treatment purposes), you may qualify for a visitor visa (Subclass 600) to explore Australia. In certain circumstances, you may be granted a bridging visa, which serves as a temporary visa to provide you with lawful status while resolving your immigration matters. The specific type of bridging visa you are eligible for depends on your individual situation.

Stay Duration:

Your visa’s validity period or specified dates determine your permissible stay in Australia. The government assesses and determines the duration of your visa on an individual basis, considering factors such as:

  • The intended length of your visit
  • The reasons behind your desire to experience Australia
Please Note: The duration you wish to stay may not always align with the granted period. Your visa could be issued for single or multiple entries. If granted a multiple-entry visa, you have the freedom to enter and exit Australia as you please while the visa remains valid. Generally, Australia allows a three-month stay for visitors, though exceptional cases may permit a stay of up to a year.

Exciting Features Await:
  • Explore Australia to visit family or friends
  • Delight in a tourist experience or a cruise, or engage in other tourist activities except business or medical treatment.

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Your sole intention must be to visit Australia
  • Sufficient financial resources to support your stay in Australia are required
  • Depending on the tourist stream – apply in Australia or apply outside Australia, the individual must be in or outside the country when applying for the visa and when the decision is made.
  • Embark on an Unforgettable Journey Down Under and immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes, culture, and experiences that Australia has to offer.

Experience Australia with Convenience through the 601 Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa

Explore Australia on a Short-Term Visa

The 601 Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa offers a seamless way to discover Australia for a short duration. This visa remains valid for either 12 months or the remaining period on your passport, whichever is shorter, enabling you to embark on your Australian journey.

Multiple Entries Allowed:

With the ETA, you’re granted the privilege of multiple entries. Throughout its validity, you can freely enter and exit Australia as often as you desire. Each time you enter, a stay of up to three months is permitted.

Important Considerations:

Upon recurrent visits or extended stays in Australia, your purpose of travel may be inquired about during your subsequent entry. Should it be determined that your visits aren’t genuine, your ETA could be cancelled.

Eligibility Essentials:

  • Your sole intent should be visiting Australia
  • Adequate financial resources for your stay in Australia are necessary
  • You can travel Australia as a business visitor, but can’t work in the country.
  • Both application submission and visa decision should be made while you’re outside Australia

Exciting Features Await:

  • Reunite with family or friends residing in Australia
  • Immerse yourself in tourist activities or a cruise.
  • Engage in legitimate unpaid volunteer activities, provided they wouldn’t typically involve compensation for an Australian resident’s labor (reimbursement for expenses is acceptable)
  • For business-related pursuits, ensure:
  • You do not engage with Australian companies or organizations in a working capacity
  • No public selling of goods or services, maintaining a non-commercial approach

Embark on an Unforgettable Australian Experience:

Discover the wonders of Australia through the convenience of the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) Visa, allowing you to visit family, engage in tourism, or conduct business visitor activities.


Discover Australia with the 651 e-Visitor Visa – Your Gateway to Business and Leisure

Experience the Ease of a Free Visa

The 651 e-Visitor Visa offers you the chance to explore Australia for business or leisure purposes. With a validity of up to three months within a 12-month period, this visa allows you to relish the Australian experience.

Explore Remarkable Features:

  • Delight in tourist activities, such as cruising or enjoying a vacation
  • Reunite with your family or friends in Australia
  • Embark on business visitor-related ventures
  • Engage in short-term study or training, for upto 3 months on this visa

Eligibility Made Simple:

  • Reside outside Australia
  • Hold a passport from an eligible eVisa country
  • Intend to visit Australia for a brief period, be it for leisure or business
  • Present a clean bill of health in terms of tuberculosis
  • Maintain a record free of convictions resulting in a cumulative sentence exceeding 12 months (even if already served)

Experience Australia to the Fullest:

The 651 e-Visitor Visa welcomes you to relish Australia’s diverse offerings – from business ventures to leisurely explorations and valuable study opportunities.


Invitation Letter Guidelines for an Australian Visit

An invitation letter serves as a formal request to welcome someone to Australia, typically crafted by a friend or family member, urging another friend or family member to spend a brief period together. Addressed to the Immigration Office, this letter seeks a temporary visa for the invitee, offering insights into the inviter’s identity.

Vital Invitee Information:

  • Full name and date of birth
  • Address and contact number
  • Your relationship with the invitee (sibling, parent, friend, etc.)
  • Purpose of the trip (holiday, business, seminar, event)
  • Planned duration of the stay (days, weeks)
  • Accommodation arrangements and financial support details (stay at your place or hotel, etc.)
  • Intended departure date from Australia

Essential Inviter Details:

  • Complete name and birthdate
  • Address and Australian phone number
  • Occupation in Australia
  • Australian status (Permanent Resident, Citizen, Student, etc.)
  • Verification of your visa/citizenship status through relevant documents
  • Insight into your living conditions and financial capacity

For Business Visas:

For short-term business visas, this letter also validates an applicant’s intent to engage with an Australian company. If required, the host organization is tasked with composing a business invitation letter.

Ensure to Highlight:

  • Stay arrangement (staying with the Australian host or not)
  • Demonstrate the host’s financial capability to support the visit

An invitation letter is a key component in securing a temporary visa for your guest’s Australian journey, offering a glimpse into your genuine relationship and your capacity to provide support during their stay.