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Types of Visas
188C (Significant Investment) Visa    

The Business Innovation & Investment (Residence) Subclass 188C visa is designed for individuals recommended by an Australian State or Territory government who are willing to make a substantial investment in the country. This temporary visa offers a 5-year validity period and provides a pathway to permanent residence through the Business Innovation & Investment (Permanent) Subclass 888 visa.

Significant Investment Opportunity:

The 188C (Significant Investment) Visa is tailored for individuals prepared to invest AUD$5 million into complying investments in Australia. This visa allows engagement in investment activities and potential eligibility for a permanent Business Innovation & Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) through the Significant Investor stream.


  • Conduct investment activity in Australia.
  • Potential to apply for a permanent Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) visa (subclass 888) Significant Investor stream, subject to meeting specific criteria.
  • No upper age limit, English language requirement, or points tests.
  • Possibility of two extensions, each for 2 years, if extension requirements are met.
  • Lower residence requirement for 888 Permanent visa applications (40 days per year for the main applicant or 180 days for the spouse).


  • Be invited to apply for this visa.
  • Be nominated by a State or Territory government agency or Austrade to invest at least AUD5 million that meets specific requirements and demonstrate a genuine intention to hold the investment for the visa’s duration.
  • Have a genuine intention to live in the State or Territory whose government agency nominates you.