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Types of Visas
887 Skilled Regional PR Visa(Subclass 887)   
The Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) is for those who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia on a prior eligible visa. This is a permanent visa, and you can be in or outside Australia when applying and when the application is being decided on.

Key features:

  • Travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • Stay permanently in Australia
  • Work and study in Australia
  • Enrol in Medicare – Australia’s public health care scheme
  • Sponsor relatives to come to Australia
  • Apply for Australian citizenship if eligible


  • Have an eligible visa prior to applying for the Subclass 887.
  • The individual must have lived in Australia for at least 2 years at the time of applying
  • Worked full-time for a minimum of 12 months in a specified regional area (unless COVID-19 concessions apply)
  • Have functional English